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ProcessPrivileges with UNC path

first post: zshapleigh wrote: I need to be able to get the DIR size of multiple servers via a UNC...

Using Impersonation

first post: JStellato wrote: Is there a way to enable the privilege for an impersonated user?

impossible to read a file?

first post: robert592 wrote: Hello I've a problem, i do a md5sum on files to know if the file ha...

latest post: robert592 wrote: TakeOwnership => Enabled (PrivilegeModified) Backup => Enabled (...

Regarding OS support

first post: ikasovitch wrote: Can you please specify on which OSs this library is supposed to run...

impersonate account?

first post: unruledboy wrote: how to impersonate as other user, for example, I am a user with no ...

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